When Chickens Bloom in the Widow’s Garden: Back Cover Text

Can I show you the amazing and beautiful cover of my book yet?


We don’t have all the licenses yet.

Glowworm Chicken is disappointed, but we will all have to wait.

What can I show you?

The text on the back. Here it is!

“Many people turn to something destructive to deal with grief, like drugs or alcohol,” a grief counselor said to me. “But not you. You turned an obsession with chickens into a way of dealing with loss.”

I was a 39-year-old corporate systems analyst when my 45-year-old husband suddenly got Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and passed away within 6 weeks, sending me on a confusing journey of trying to understand life and death. 

We hardly ever encounter death in our modern, urban world; but that changes when you invite a flock of chickens to live in the backyard. For all that we think we’re in charge, they come and go on their own time. They live and die without ever asking permission from the people who feed them.

My hilarious flock of yard birds taught me everything I ever wanted to know about life and death, but that’s not all. Those chickens also taught me what I needed to know… if Dave is gone then why am I still here?


“Oh my goodness Girlfriend. That story is incredibly uplifting, deeply moving, thought provoking and humbling. Who knew chickens could help us see the intricacies of life? Well, besides you & Gary?”  -Marilan L.

“As another widow, I can relate and have a unique understanding of the experiences only those of us in “the club” can grasp. But I also think you are sharing life’s truths that apply to all of us.” Lori B.

I’m aiming to publish it in May so stand by…

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5 Replies to “When Chickens Bloom in the Widow’s Garden: Back Cover Text”

  1. Chickens have taught my family to laugh outloud, to embrace the absurd and to relish fresh home grown eggs. Look forward to reading this!

  2. It just keeps getting better Friend. My sister Kim often refers to the club as well. With me (member since 2002), my aunt (2012), Kim (2020), Mom (2020) we have our own “chapter”. And yes I dove deep into the bourbon pool for a bit. I was already a “swimmer” but nearly tried out for the olympics for a bit.

    1. Thanks, Marilan! I really appreciate your encouragement. After all, your farm played a big role in my education.

      Lana Paul, my grief counselor friend, says it’s not unusual for people to dive into the bourbon pool. I’m glad you were able to bounce back out.

  3. I am so excited for your book, cant wait to read it. I love how you have incorporated chickens and birds in your healing and understanding life and death.

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