What do Chickens Do in the Spring?

You might think that my lunatic chickens are still enjoying a respite from the frenetic egg-laying of spring.

I thought so too, but that’s not how it is.

We have something like seven inches of snow out there this morning. I looked at the cat and said, “Oh, I don’t think they’ll want to come out. We don’t have to go outside.”

“Oh, good,” he replied. “It’s so comfortable in this box.”

But when we looked out the window, there they were… pecking frantically on the coop door.

“Let us out!!”, they shouted in their best Distressed Chicken voices.

Patience the Cat stayed in the house while I shoveled a path from the house to the coop. The Rhode Island Reds tumbled out of the coop and made a beeline for their favorite nest.

That’s when the fight began.

“Me first!”

“No, I’m first!”

“Hey, get out of the way! This is MY nest!”

And so on.

Curly Toe Chicken did not get first dibs so she shouted at the door to be let in. “I DEMAND CAT FOOD!”, she said over and over.

The other chickens patiently waited until the combatants were out of the way.

“Is it time for snacks yet?”

And that, friends, is how I know that spring has begun.


In other news, if you’re in Colorado Springs, check out the Homesteading Realtor! She specializes in helping people find land where they can keep their own lunatic chickens and build a little piece of self-reliance.

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2 Replies to “What do Chickens Do in the Spring?”

  1. HAHAHAHA. I love the personalities your hens and Patience have. 🙂 And the chickens love cat food?! Our Rhode Island Reds are out everyday too, even in the snow. Hearty, funny things they are. Thanks for sharing this little glimpse into your morning.

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