Why Your Friend is More Successful in Network Marketing than You

I know you’re probably hoping this article will give you “the secret” to quick network marketing success. I kept hoping to find it, but the raw truth is that network marketing is like any other business.

It takes time and strategy to build it.

“But Bonnie,” you say, “What about my upline/friend/colleague who built a six figure business in six months?”.

I wondered that too, so I asked my upline, an amazing woman who falls into that category.

I also spent a lot of time listening to a variety of training courses by the likes of Brian Fryer, Ray Higdon and the Freedom Boss Babes, as well as anything else I could get my ears on. And I practiced the skills they teach.

And that’s not all! I study marketing as part of my profession (and because I think it’s fun). You may have figured out by now that I’m a professional content writer.

Wondering what I learned? Read on.

They Build the Networks and Do the Work

People who see rapid success in the network marketing industry do certain things.

They Build or Have Already Built Networks

I asked my upline several times how she had seen such quick success and for a while she told me her tactics, all of which were helpful, but didn’t bring me the same seemingly overnight success.

Finally, we came to the realization that she had come into network marketing with a huge amount of visibility and credibility in her social media networks. Melynda had spent years building relationships with people online. When she began talking about her product, they already knew and trusted her.

Visibility Plus Credibility Lead to Profitability

Visibility and credibility are an important concept in the world of marketing. We know about it from Dr. Ivan Misner’s work in the area of business networking, but it applies to sales too. People like to do business with those they know, like and trust.

They Consistently Do the Work at High Volume

You don’t have to be a full time network marketer to be successful, but you do have to be a good time manager. Maybe you can only devote an hour a day to your businesses, but if you want to emulate high earners, you must accomplish a lot during that hour.

It can certainly be done. Kathy Schneider of the Freedom Boss Babes clearly lays out the details at the end of this blog post.

Prolific Quality Output

Honestly, if I had to pick out one single thing that separates successful network marketers from unsuccessful ones, it would be that success is a direct result of putting in consistent, value-generating work even when you want to quit.

I didn’t make this concept up. Read Brendon Burchard’s book, High Performance Habits and pay special attention to the section on productivity. He describes something called Prolific Quality Output (PQO). PQOs build successful businesses.

They Train Their Team in a System

If you have spent any time in the network marketing world, you’ve heard the word “duplicatable”. It’s critical to your team of mostly-untrained marketers that you have an easily-understood system for them to follow.

They Don’t Confine Themselves

But here is an interesting thing I noticed… the most successful network marketers don’t necessarily confine themselves to the system. They learn about marketing and apply those principles to their own business. They use tactics that they don’t offer to their downlines right away.

For example, many companies these days train a simple social media strategy, but their most successful distributors use in-person business networking or reach their target market through government licensing lists or become vendors at farmers’ markets. Maybe they use a blog or automated social media technology.

Are They Keeping Us Down?

Are they holding back from the rest of us? No, sir! What they are doing is offering untrained marketers a new skill, one that can be grasped without hours of study.

Remember, most people who sign up for a network marketing business never even get started. It’s hard work, but if we can train a person in one simple way to make sales then we’ve helped that person beat the odds.

On the other hand, if we try to draw them into a whole new profession, chances are they will have less success. Most new network marketers signed up to make a little extra money, not to build a new career.

What This Means for You

If you’re wondering, as I did, what successful network marketers are doing differently, ask around. Network marketing is a collaborative profession in which helping the people below you boosts your success. Successful earners are usually happy to talk to the people on their teams, so don’t be afraid to contact them.

If you’re just getting started, follow the system you’ve been given. It can be hard work and you may have to do things that scare you, but try them out. You’ll grow as a person and as a marketer.

And remember, the most important thing is to consistently do the high-value work, like contacting new people and following up.

There’s no mysterious secret. You can do this thing as well as anyone else. With time, strategy and hard work, your goals are within reach.



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