Something No One is Telling You About Becoming Successful

I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves to others, but do you ever wonder why you can’t reach your goals as quickly as you want? As quickly as others seem to?

We all talk about “going big” and believing with certainty that you can do this thing, whatever this thing is that you envision.

But can you?

I know your head is probably saying, “Oh, yes! I can totally do this!”, but what about those quiet voices inside you? Are they hopelessly tangled up in a morass of conflicting beliefs, tied down by a self-image you’re so accustomed to that you don’t even realize it’s there?

That’s what happened to me.

The Piece No One Tells You

I have been hammering away at this business thing for years. I’ve had some success in making a new job for myself, but that’s not really what I’m after. I have a big vision where I don’t just sell writing services and shampoo, I change people’s lives.

The life-changing part has been slow in coming.

“What’s the problem?”, I say to myself. “I’m smart, I’ve read all the books and even practiced. Why can’t I do this?”

Limiting Beliefs Can be Deeply Embedded

I finally concluded that the problem isn’t in my skill set. It’s in my worldview.

What we believe about the world can play a major role in tying up our energy and confusing our efforts.

Changing Those Beliefs

We don’t need to get into what I believe deep down that is stopping me from realizing my full potential, but I will tell you what I’m doing about it (and what I’d advise you to do about it too).

Maximize Your Mind

For one, I found a good counselor who understands how the mind works. You may not realize this, but mental health therapists don’t just help people with mental illness. They can also help people clear away limiting beliefs and habits to become high achievers.

Release Energy From Past Trouble

Second, I am reading this book and completing the accompanying program.

Why? Because grief isn’t just about losing people in your life. We can carry grief around for the loss of pets, opportunities, injuries and so many other things. How does this get in the way of professional success, you ask?

Because all that grief takes up energy. Lots of energy. And you need every ounce of your energy to realize your big dreams.

Let Your Feelings Speak for Themselves

Wanna see a picture?

This is Peanut the Metaphorical Dove. I drew her on my bedroom wall. I know that’s a little unconventional, but it’s my house and I do as I like here.

I drew her because she represents something to me and it was important to get her out of my imagination and onto the wall.

All those feelings tumbling around in your head, heart and stomach take up precious energy, but if you acknowledge them and give them room in your life, you can reclaim the energy. Draw, paint, write, talk, make vision boards or do anything else that gives you an outlet for self expression and all that energy comes back to you.

There’s Nothing Inherently Wrong With You

In the end, I don’t think we really know why one person is wildly successful and another struggles. We do know that it is within the power of the individual to change her circumstances.

It may take work you weren’t expecting, but the things that limit you aren’t immutable parts of you. If you look around and think about it, you’ll see that you have grown and can grow some more.

And if it means drawing on your walls, so be it!


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