Start a “Practice” Business

Learn About Marketing & Sales

Some of you are not going to like what I have to say next, but bear with me.

Ok, here it is… I’m a big fan of network marketing as an entrepreneur’s training ground.

There. I said it. I know it has a bad reputation in some quarters, but I feel like I’ve discovered a big economic secret.

The Secret

I have learned from experience that joining a network marketing company (or direct sales or social selling company) is a great way to learn marketing and sales skills!

Network marketers learn more techniques than other marketers. Why? I believe it’s because they have to keep learning new aspects of marketing and sales to be successful.

Network marketing is sometimes sold as a get-rich-quick scheme. In truth, most people do not get rich overnight, but it’s still a fabulous way to become a marketing expert!

Learn and Practice

Most people don’t make millions of dollars at network marketing because they  quit. They quit because they aren’t having success, but that’s no different than  any other entrepreneur. Every business owner goes through periods when it’s hard to find business.

If they were to continue, they would have to focus on learning and adapting to the business cycles, just like everyone else.

What if you don’t quit? You learn more about sales and marketing than most business owners and you practice it too!

The difference is that a network marketing business costs very little to start and most come with a training program. It very rarely costs more than a few hundred dollars and you usually get at least that much in product.

The sales and marketing training is essentially free!

How Joining My Team Will Help You Market Your Business

The essence of network marketing is that the team leader makes money because he or she has trained the team well.

In other words, you get paid for helping your team make money.

As my tagline says, I’m here to help you make a living the way you want to live. My experience and expertise is in using content of all kinds, including social media, to build small businesses. I teach this to my network marketing team and they can take skills they learn anywhere they want to go.

I know that many people have dreams that don’t involve selling shampoo or makeup or any other product. I also know that they will need finely tuned sales and marketing skills whether their dreams involve products or services, for-profits or nonprofits.

My team gets the benefit of my expertise and coaching without paying me a cent.

Want to join us in this vast learning experience and make some money on the side too? Visit our coolest piece of content, an interactive video that will tell you all about it!