I Love These Businesses!

Plume Graphic Design : Lisa Pence has done graphics work for me for years. She has this amazing talent where she listens to your description of what you’re trying to do and then comes up with just what you would have designed if you could do it yourself!

Lynatta Personal Branding Photography: Heather Sams says “It’s not my job to make you look good… it’s my job to show you that you already do.” She is a master of bringing out the personality of her subjects in the image. Your clients will be able to see in the image why they should do business with you!

Progressive Massage Mobility: “Venassa Sandoval is the best massage therapist in Colorado Springs!” is something I’ve said hundreds of times. Venassa specializes in working with athletes of all kinds, including casual athletes who are serious about maintaining their mobility.

CS Apex Landscape Design: Chelsea Scoggin came over to my house here in the high desert and in two weeks had drawn up a plan to make every inch of my entire 1950s era urban front and back yards useable. She even found a way to fulfill my desire for a front porch without starting a full-scale construction project! I can’t wait to have it all installed!

The law prevents me from doing a testimonial for Michelle Dockter, CFP, but I think I am allowed to say that she is a good friend. She’s the kind of friend who won’t let you do something completely harebrained without a word of caution even though your other friends are brazenly encouraging you to raise a rooster in the city or buy a $1000 embroidery machine you both know you’ll never use. She is also the kind of friend who will spend an exorbitant amount on marshmallows to make sure your baby shower has marshmallow animals for everyone.