On Working from Home

I came across a great meme on Facebook.

I can strongly relate to this.

I replied, “Yes! Me too! My goal is to go big so that I CAN go home.”

I love being home. I love my house. I love my cats. I love my doves. I love arguing with my chickens.

Sometimes I think about renting an office space, but then I realize that will never work. I wouldn’t use it.

I want to be home.

Is it Really Possible to Work From Home?

Back in the days when I had a full time job in a cubicle, I wondered if it was really possible to have a job where I could work from home. I had a neighbor who who was rumored to work from home. I never spoke to her, but I was jealous.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of research and experimenting on this topic and I have an answer. Here it is:


It is a realistic goal to work from home and you can choose several ways to do it.

Three Ways to Work From Home

I was surprised to find that many people have jobs that they can do from home. I thought they would all be risk-tolerant online entrepreneurs, but I was wrong.

Find a Work-From-Home Job

Did you know that there are customer service jobs that you can do from home? I knew someone who did this. She spent her days at home with a headset and the company would send calls to her. She would handle the calls the same way that someone in a call center did, with a computer… in her bedroom.

Sometimes you have to work at the physical call center for a while before you earn enough seniority and trust to do the job remotely, but it is becoming more common. Maintaining a call center is no small expense for a company and having remote call center workers saves them a lot of money.

When you look for work-from-home jobs, it’s helpful to use a service that verifies legitimacy of the postings. You can find several of those at the free Human Services Outcomes Career Resource Center site.

Contract With Businesses to Complete Projects

Have you ever worked on a contract basis? Usually, the contract specifies what you will do, what the business will pay you and how long the agreement will last.

At one point in my career, I had a few contracts with organizations to do marketing tasks for them. I didn’t work for them and I wasn’t on their time clock, they didn’t care where I did the work. The agreement was simply that I would produce the specified deliverables in the agreed-upon time period and they would pay me.

I got these jobs through networking activities. If you’re willing to network and market your skills, contracts can be a great way to make a living while working from home.

Start a Business From Home

Of all the things I’ve done, running businesses has been my favorite. Let’s talk about a couple different kinds.

Service Business

Do you have a skill you can do from home, like writing or building websites? You can build this into a full-time business relatively easily, through business networking.

I did this by writing blogs and web content for local businesses. If you know what your skills and interests are, think creatively and you can start your own service business fairly easily.

You can find worksheets and exercises to help you determine your best skills in this book.

Product Business

Personally, I think it’s easier to sell a product than fulfill a service. You don’t have to make the product. You can become an affiliate marketer or a network marketer and make money, sometimes without leaving home.

Building a business of any kind takes time, but if you start now then you are building a path to the life you want to live.

And that’s a whole lot better than doing nothing!




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