Stop Complaining About Network Marketing

Have you or someone you know had a negative experience (went into debt, broke relationships, etc.) working for an MLM company?“, read the Facebook posting.

If so, would you be willing to share your story with KRDO?

I’m not the only one who rolls my eyes when I see things like this.

Who is Responsible for Your Income?

News outlets like to say things that get clicks and demonizing network marketing companies has been a successful strategy for them. Despite several companies’ history of quality products, an alternate route to success for people who don’t fit into the corporate model and top notch sales training; people love to dismiss this style of earning a living as a “pyramid scheme”.

Such nonsense!

Network Marketing is sales, like any other commission sales. The main difference is that mentoring others brings in more income.

Sales is hard work and while some people seem to be naturally good at it, most of us need a mentor. I’ve been very lucky in my own life to find a mentor here at AutoSearch who really wants me to succeed and I know how important that is because I tried to learn the art of sales on my own!

It’s not unusual for a nascent salesperson to realize she needs a mentor. In fact, I hear complaints all the time that people feel they can’t succeed because nobody will mentor them.

Then why are they demonizing network marketing, which gives you an opportunity to go and find your own mentor? Why dismiss a system that pays people to be good mentors?

Like anything else, you need to know what you want out of it when you go into it and you need to know what you are looking for when you sign up with a company.

Please allow me to present two success stories from two very different ladies.

“Align With the Right People at the Right Time”

Did you lose your job during the pandemic? A lot of people did. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What did you do to earn money then?

Many people went on unemployment, but some people had “side hustles” already in place, like my friend Kelsey. Kelsey had been selling Arbonne health and beauty products part-time while she worked full-time in Human Resources.

“I got laid off on a Wednesday and then on Thursday morning my renters gave notice,” she told me.

It was pretty scary, as you can imagine! She owns a house and has bills like anyone else, but she had built trust with her customers and wasn’t left with no way to bring in an income.

Kelsey had another asset available to her… her upline Becky. Becky has built a crackerjack team and knows how to coach her team members toward success. She has a system and gets paid for helping them learn to work the system.

Today, just a few months later, Kelsey is paying all her bills with her earnings from her Arbonne business.

Has it been easy? Certainly not!

“I relied a lot on Becky and adopted her routines.”, she explains. “I still get up early every morning, just like when I had a job. I added a morning routine too.”

“It’s not like when you have a job and you get paid the same no matter what you’ve done that week. I need to make the most of every day.”, she added.

What impresses me about Kelsey is her strong discipline and her determination to grow into the person who can meet the goals she’s set. “I’ve become more myself since starting,” she says, and I can see that it’s true. She’s become more confident and outspoken since I met her. I can see a lot more of her personality and I like it!

The day she met Becky was the right time for her. They’ve become friends and great partners! Kelsey, with her work ethic and persistence, was the right woman for the job.

“It’s the Person You Become that You Strive For”

Some people get into network marketing as a new adventure with a friend and others get into it to build something.

Kate wanted to build something. She has plenty of experience in sales and has sold everything from cars to mortgages. She didn’t need network marketing to learn to sell, she wanted it as an outlet to help other people with financial and physical health.

Kate is a representative for Kangen, a company that sells water purifying machines. The machines change the pH of the water and you can use it for a variety of activities from hydration to cleaning.

Kangen and network marketing were right for Kate because she wanted to build an organization. She is a skilled saleswoman, but her previous job didn’t allow her the satisfaction of training others to be successful.

Today she is building a system that helps her coach her team members and train them to be successful in sales.

How has she done this? She’s done it by seeking out the next level of coaches for herself. She interviews other successful network marketers to learn what they have done and works with a business coach to implement the ideas.

That’s how it works in sales. You don’t do anything alone.

When I first met Kate she was bored with her old job and looking for something new. Today she is happy and thriving.

Note that she didn’t have to wait for someone to retire or impress someone to get this opportunity. All she had to do was step up.

Opportunity, If you Want it.

A lot of people complain these days about how opportunity is not equally distributed. I’m not interested in a political discussion, but I do want to tell you a story.

Remember how there was a lot of fuss in the media at one time over the “vocal fry” style of speaking that some women adopt. I read comments from people who theorized that it was to make their voices lower and thus more acceptable in the corporate world. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know.

And then I heard an interview with a woman who had a sweet, high-pitched, almost childlike voice who had built a big team with a network marketing company.

She had earned millions of dollars.

It didn’t matter that she had a childlike voice. What mattered was that she was willing to learn sales skills, be disciplined and keep trying.

If you are open to learning, to trying new things and realistic about how hard a person has to work to make money, you’ll probably do pretty well with network marketing. You’ll learn a difficult new skill and meet fun people. You’ll develop goals for yourself and stretch to meet them.

If you expect it to be easy or that you will not have to think then you will probably have a hard time. As hard as it is to hear, many people fall into this category and when KRDO comes calling for people to complain, they are ready to blame failure on somebody else.

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