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“It takes a whole lot of self-confidence to become extraordinary,” I said to my business coach, the remarkable Kelly Ikenberry, “doesn’t it?”

This popped out as we discussed my annoyance upon revisiting the websites of clients for whom I had written targeted, creative web content. I write content to resonate with their specific target market and bring in paying customers, but my carefully constructed paragraphs often get re-written as bland content for robots by the next writer that comes in.

“I am going to give it up,” I told Kelly.

“Any more thoughts on this?”, she sagely asked.

“Well… yes,” I said. “I could narrow down my web content target market to a niche of people who really want to stand out. I would enjoy it a lot more and I could charge a premium since most content writers are writing for SEO web crawlers.”

Take that, robots!

How to Influence People

Kelly demonstrated something important during that conversation. She challenged me to grow, instead of focusing on my anger.

I’ve been carefully studying Brendon Burchard’s book, High Performance Habits and he has a good deal to say about the influence Kelly demonstrated in our exchange.

Teach and Challenge

Kelly was teaching me how to think about this setback, but not by telling me what to think. She did it by encouraging me to think it through on my own.

Of course, this does take a certain amount of self-confidence on my part. My first emotional response was to wonder if I’m just not very good at content writing. I had two choices of paths.

  • I could decide I’m not good at it and quit
  • I could decide I AM good at it, but I’m writing for the wrong people

If I look at the evidence, the latter is probably correct. I’ve had good success winning followers to my own websites. I passed a content writing certification test. I’ve been writing professionally for 25 years.

I’m probably pretty good at this by now.

How about you? Can you think your next setback through like this? Believe it or not, there is a manual that teaches you evidence-based thinking.

I only wish this had been available when I was a teenager!

Be Giving and Bold

Burchard writes about other things that influential people do.

  • They look for ways to help others
  • They champion others
  • They ask for what they want

Dr. Ivan Misner emphasizes helping others as a means of building relationships when business networking. Dale Carnegie’s famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People is all about giving people your consideration and attention.

Do you see a theme here?

Don’t Forget to Ask

Burchard says that asking is the “most fundamental tool in creating [influence]”. He refers to studies that show how drastically people underestimate the likelihood of a “yes”.

You see it in writing all the time. If you want people to do something in response to your writing, add a Call to Action. In other words, ask for what you want. You’re more likely to get it than you think!

What I Am Asking of You

Would you be open to building self-confidence and becoming an extraordinary version of yourself? I want to influence you to believe in your ability to become whatever you want to become.

I am asking you to read books, hire a business coach and do whatever it takes to become your best self and build your business, to be an example to people who say it can’t be done.

I hope you’ll say yes. The world needs you.


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