Are You Starting Your Day for You … or for Them?

It’s 10:00 AM. Look around you. What have you done so far today?

Seriously. You’ve probably been awake for three to five hours. What have you done for YOU?

How You Start Your Day Dictates What You Accomplish

Brendon Burchard drives home the point in his videos and books that if you check your email within 90 minutes of waking up, your whole day changes course. Instead of working on your own goals, you’ll find yourself quickly diverted to the goals of other people.

You’ll find that statement in this information-packed book.

He says that most people start their day by looking at the phone before they even get out of bed! Is this true for you?

If you want your day to be more intentional, do not touch the phone.

“But Bonnie!”, you say, “I need to look at the phone or I won’t know what time it is.”

Fair enough. That was true for me too, but I solved the problem. I bought a gigantic clock.

Something like this. It’s changed my life.

Three Ways to Make Your Day Your Own

You don’t have to let other people start your day. Here are some suggestions from the likes of Darren Hardy and Hal Elrod.

Get up early enough to have time for yourself

Let’s start with the hardest one. How often do you sleep until the very last minute before you have to get up?

Or, if your life is like mine, you get up and are immediately beset with demands from small, needy creatures. Your creatures may be children. My creatures are cats and birds.

It’s not always easy, but if you can find even ten minutes for yourself, you’ll find the day goes a bit smoother.

I’ll note here that a lot of the experts suggest getting up at 5AM. I say those experts have never experienced chronic hormone-induced insomnia and that’s not the point, anyway.

It’s not what time you get up that matters. It’s that you have some time to intentionally start your day.

Start your day with gratitude

What should you do during that ten minutes? Be still. Maybe sip your first cup of coffee and make a list of things you are grateful for.

Many religious traditions encourage this very thing. You can meditate in the morning or read from a Christian devotional. Jewish practice includes a short prayer to be said before even getting out of bed, thanking God for another day.

You set the tone of your day with whatever you think about first thing in the morning. A morning of gratitude fortifies you against the troubles of the day and helps you be more patient and happier.

Make some progress on your goal and track it

If you have another ten minutes, work on a goal. Write a little of your book, do a little research on your project or anything else that will move you in the direction you want to go.

Those ten minute segments add up and change your life. If you write it down, you’ll see that progress.

It’s Your Day Until It’s Your Time

Whatever you do, make sure it’s positive and make sure it helps you reach your goals. Don’t let anyone else’s agenda intrude. You may have to feed everybody first (or let them out of the coop), but they’ll get the idea.

We don’t live forever and if we let the tide of busy-ness dictate our lives, we’ll never accomplish anything intentionally. Starting the day with purpose helps you ride that tide in the direction of your choice.

For a few minutes, early in the day, make your morning about you and your course.

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