Why Bonnie Says What She Says…

Do you have a literary alter-ego? I mean a character in a book that somehow seems to be on the same path as you, with the same quirks?

I’ve had many in my life, but at the moment, my favorite is Colonel Mulberry Sellers, from Mark Twain’s The American Claimant.

Sellers is a good-natured, good-hearted, likable fellow who happens to say things like this…

“I am going to buy Siberia and start a republic.”


“…Within three days I shall have completed my method, and then—let the world stand aghast, for it shall see marvels. Washington, within three days—ten at the outside—you shall see me call the dead of any century, and they will arise and walk. Walk?—they shall walk forever, and never die again. Walk with all the muscle and spring of their pristine vigor.”

I’m pretty sure there are people in my life who think of me and my endless harebrained schemes as Mulberry Sellers.

That’s ok. What they don’t know is that at the end of the book, Sellers becomes rich when a puzzle he invented goes the 19th century version of viral.

In other words, it’s better to have harebrained schemes than no schemes at all.

How to Become Extraordinary

It takes a lot of courage to become extraordinary and I’m pretty sure it involves a lot of harebrained schemes too. I’m also pretty certain you have to know how to be happy. It’s too exhausting to be extraordinary and unhappy at the same time.

My father has spent his entire career helping people work with their interests, abilities and disabilities to find employment that is meaningful to them. If you’re interested in finding more meaningful employment, go to his website.

I want to carry on this legacy, but I don’t want a job. I’ve had plenty of jobs and they were good jobs, but I’ve had enough of working for someone else.

What’s the alternative to trying to find meaning in employment?

Well, that’s what this blog is about.

Come along with me and let’s see what is behind the door.


The Chickens

I often confuse people with my chicken logo, so I’ll explain here.

The tagline for this blog is “Make a living the way you want to live”. Well, I want to live as an urban farmer. I have a flock of chickens in my city backyard and they are the brand for my business.

In fact, I have an entire website devoted to what is known as “urban homesteading” and small businesses in Colorado Springs called Hungry Chicken Homestead.

I actually started that blog because my chickens were so funny and it was better to write about them than annoy all my friends by speaking of nothing but chickens.

You’ll see a lot of them if you follow me on Facebook. Chickens make the best content.


The Rules

I appreciate comments and questions. Please comment on any of the posts. I love to hear what you have to say and will do my best to answer.

All I ask is that you be polite and civil and don’t use this as a place to criticize other people’s hard work. If you’ve used a business profiled on this blog and had a problem, please contact the business directly.

I have no compunction about deleting comments that don’t follow the rules.

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