A Scarce Currency in Our Times

If you were able to read early in the 21st century, you probably remember personality driven blogs.

I don’t know if that’s really what they are called, but the idea was that a person would start a blog and just write about whatever she thought was interesting at the time. She didn’t have to pick an audience or a specific topic.

People just read the blog because they liked the person.

I don’t think we’re supposed to do that anymore, but I am an Internet Rebel! I demand the right to write about whatever I want! I claim this territory…er, platform, as a meandering, wandering space to say whatever I feel like will be entertaining and interesting.

So there, Experts!


I’m not as much of a fool as you might think. Let me ask you a question…

Do you trust anything you read on news sites anymore? Do you trust experts you’ve never met?

Yeah, I thought so. Me either.

So let’s become friends. I’ll write about whatever I think is interesting and authentic. You read, comment and decide if you think I’m worthy of your trust.

Seriously. It’s all the credibility our hyper-connected world has left.



Why Bonnie Says What She Says…

It’s All About Trust

Alas, it’s true. I am a used car salesman.

I don’t mean that metaphorically. That’s really what I do for a living.  I sell cars.

“But Bonnie,” you say, “how can we trust someone who sells cars?”.

I know, I know… there are a lot of unskilled and unscrupulous car salesman out there.  People have had bad experiences. I don’t blame you for being suspicious.

You know what else I do to bring in some extra income? Network marketing. I love network marketing!

“What??”, you say, “Network marketing is just a big pyramid scheme!”

I know why you think that. There are an abundance of unskilled network marketers out there and people have had bad experiences. I get it.

So with all this, why should you trust me?

Reliability, Truth, Ability, Strength

I know it’s a long road. First, you’ve got to trust that I’ll tell the truth. Then you have to believe that I have the ability to do these things with skill, the strength to do them while adhering to a moral code and that I can reliably do them with your best interests in mind.

2020 was a year that demonstrated how quickly trust can disintegrate. People have lost trust in the public sources that used to help us make decisions. We don’t trust the media, we don’t trust big companies and we don’t trust politicians (if we ever did).

Who can you trust then? Everyone has to answer that for herself, but I would suggest your friends, your neighbors and your community.

The Chickens

I used to write a blog called “Hungry Chicken Homestead” about local food, farms and businesses here in Colorado Springs. I wrote it for years and had a pretty good following.

When I met people on the street sometimes their eyes would light up and they would say, “Oh! You’re the Chicken Lady!”.

“Yes,” I would say, smiling and then they would start to tell me about their own adventures with chickens, farms and food.

People had learned to trust me through what I wrote. They felt like they knew me and that I am honest and reliable.

It wasn’t a scam. I am honest and reliable! And I love making new friends! So why not try it again? Why not make new friends and build trust in an era of suspicion?

You know how it is. Everything you do is a vote for that to be the norm. Why not vote for trust?

The Rules

I appreciate comments and questions. Please comment on any of the posts. I love to hear what you have to say and will do my best to answer.

All I ask is that you be polite and civil and don’t use this as a place to criticize other people’s hard work. If you’ve used a business profiled on this blog and had a problem, please contact the business directly.

I have no compunction about deleting comments that don’t follow the rules.